Integrity Electrical is in a unique position to be able to offer a very personalised and high level of customer service to all our clients. Integrity, Honesty & Communication are the values that will always remain at the core of the business and the driving force behind everything that Jono and his team does.



Having worked in the electrical industry for overt 10 years, Jono has had ample opportunities to gain insight into what the majority of customers place value in when seeking out an electrical business to fulfil the requirements of the job they are needing to be done.

He believes that it can be distilled down into 4 things:

  1. Operating with integrity at all times and in all circumstances;
  2. Having a level of care and respect for the client’s property such that we treat it like it’s our own – this can be shown just by the simple act of cleaning up after ourselves;
  3. Listening to what the client wants with an attention to detail, enabling us to deliver the finished job exceeding the client’s expectations;
  4. Pricing our jobs fairly and never price gouging.


Knowing that working for anyone else he would never be able to deliver on all 4 of these values, to his satisfaction; it became the motivation for Jono to start Integrity Electrical and will be the pillars upon which the business will continue to grow.

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"Fairness For All"

This statement on its own can be quite ambiguous and take on many different meanings. However, for Jono and Integrity Electrical as a whole, this statement creates the framework for how we operate in every area of our business.

To give a little bit of a backstory as to why this statement and way of operating the business is so important to us:


“You don’t have to have spent very long in the industry to hear stories from people about being ripped off, or jobs going horribly wrong and not being fixed or just straight up corrupt business dealings. It was hearing these stories and reading many others that drove me to want to build a business that operated with a culture of trading fairly and with integrity. Considering the vastness of the building industry and the massive amount of businesses involved, it’s no small task to bring about a change to the culture in the industry. However, even if as one business we are able to create a drop in the pond then hopefully we can begin to see the culture change to one of integrity and where all parties prosper.”

Integrity Electrical’s mission is to bring a different and improved culture to the industry to counter the current corrupt culture that is prevalent within the constructions, trades and building industry.


Practically how we go about implementing this change to the culture is by operating the business in such a way that in every transaction we carry out, all parties involved come away from that transaction feeling like they have “had a win”. Breaking it down there are 4 main parties involved in the majority of transactions, and here is how we believe that we ensure each of these parties ‘has a win’:

  1. The Customer- ensuring that the customer does not get ripped off and is charged a fair price for the completed work. Also ensuring that the customer ends up with a finished job that exceeds their expectations.
  2. The Suppliers- looking after our suppliers by negotiating reasonable prices for the materials purchased from them. We want to make sure that our suppliers are able to run profitable businesses also, and if we are expecting them to sell us materials at the cheapest possible price and not able to make any margin on their sales then we are not supporting them. In turn our suppliers make sure they are looking after us with fair prices on the materials they provide us with.
  3. Integrity Electrical- building Long Term relationships with our clients is crucial as these are the lifeblood of our business. Having our clients recommend us to other potential customers.
  4. Our Staff/Employees – creating a workplace for our staff and employees where they are given every opportunity to progress and grow and are financially very well looked after.

If this resonates with you, we would love to hear from you and partner with you in helping to change the culture in the industry.


Centurion Elite Property Management
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Jono is simply phenomenal. After having such a great experience meeting him and carrying out electrical work for us (personally) we employed him as our preferred electrician to attend to all our rentals under management.
Chris Paton
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Having recently completed a 4 month renovation I can not speak highly enough of Jono. He continually went above and beyond for us. He was always on time and available when required. He provided good value for money and well documented invoices detailing where our money was going. One of the best trades we had on the build
Paula Kinsey
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I recommended them to a friend and their advice and work was excellent!
James Hadfield
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Jono was courteous, punctual and very friendly. Excellent service and prompt attention to my needs. Thank you.
Chris Smith
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Jono was kind, professional and very helpful. He treated my 84 yo mum with respect. The work was completed quickly and cleanly. And we were very happy with the pricing. Thank you Jono.
Anupa Tibbits
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Jono has continuously proved time and time again how reliable, hardworking and knowledgeable he is. With queries answered within minutes and provision of quality advice, we couldn't recommend a better business for all your electrical and communication needs. Thanks for giving us peace of mind over the last year.

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